TECNOHIDRORAPID Srl. ,company with headquarters in Carnago (Varese) Italy,  produces and sells pipe and fittings  for  hydrothermal systems made with the quick coupling system.

We offers a wide range of push fit fittings, plastic and brass,  pipes in polybutylene (PB) and pex in diameters, 15.22 12 and 28. Our goal is better value of our products, and our services.

We offer the highest standards of quality and and product safety.

Our products do not contain substances or materials prohibited by the directive. THR has achieved a system of corporate and product certifications.

Our research and Development Department is always at the top, for this we solve problems in many fields as  plumbing, under-floor heating systems, and many others. 



Great versatility and variety of components

Extremely reliable

 Maximum freedom in networks’ configuration for the variety of pipe types and widths.

 High resistance to mechanical forces

 High resistance to ageing process

 Ease and speed of fitting and installation

 No corrosion

 No build-up of encrustment

 High water capacity

 No transmission of noise or vibrations

 Little heat loss

No formation of micro organisms in sunlight
  Easy light transport   

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